Notes and Annotations
Issues 26-32

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Promethea is the creation of Alan Moore and JH Williams III (hereinafter referred to as JHW3).

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"I wanted to be able to do an occult comic that didn't portray the occult as a dark, scary place, because theat's not my experience of it. I don't thinks it's the experience of many occultists. Why would we want to be occultists if that meant that we had to spend our lives in a dark, scary place?
Utilizing my occult experiences, I could see a way that it would be possible to do a new kind of occult comic, that was more psychedelic, that was more sophisticated, more experimental, more ecstatic and exuberant. In Jim and Mick and Jeremy I've obviously found people who were exactly right for the book, that have shared my vision of it, and have added their own bits to that vision. So Promethea is about as perfect an expression of the occult as I could imagine doing in a mainstream super-hero comic book"

- Alan Moore in The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore, pg 188.

"I would prefer to keep my actual opinions about magic confined to Promethea, and God knows some of the readership have trouble with that, so I would prefer it if magic didn't obviously permeate all of my work"
- Alan Moore in Heroes and Monsters: The Unofficial Companion to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, pg. 238

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Brazilian supermodel Cida Marques wearing Promethea type headgear

Latest incarnation of Promethea

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