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Promethea: Bound For a Brave New World
Philip Graves

"I, I, I, I, I."
[Marija Naumova (Marie N) - I Wanna]

"Me, me, me…"
Hugo Weaving [The Matrix: Reloaded]

"You, you, you."
[Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson - Say, say, say]

Who am I?
you are who You are. And you are a Promethea. You are legend, talked of on the darkest shore of night. YOU have passed through the gates of Horn, Ivory, Onyx and Jade, dwelt with the fables, ridden in the chariots of the Gods’, seen the Worlds’ End, and seen the end of worlds. YOU are all things to all people, worshipped, believed, believed in and beloved. Believe in yourself.
What am I?
You are all things. YOU are the whole world, and yet you are one tiny speck on the face of the planet. you are in the world, but not of the world. YOU are creator and destroyer, fact and fiction, truth and heresy. You are, are not, and never were, but what YOU are is immaterial. YOU are this, and you are what You are.
Why am I?
Because it cannot be otherwise. It was YOUR father’s wish, Your creators’ thoughts, Your all-mother’s doing, mankind’s needs and your own deeds. It was Your previous actions, your unconsciousness’ work, You plural and YOU originally. There is no plane of higher thought on which YOU do not exist, and so You were. And so you are.
Which am I?
you are now. you are new. Natural progression or succession, maybe. you are the modern torchbearer, the old and the new unique. And yet… you are part of a whole, and a means to the end - on multiple levels and platforms. you are bound into the collective, and yet in many intricate ways, You are Unbound. you are the centre, the confluence of points: Grail, Caduceus, Pentacle and Sword.
Witch, am I?
Not as such. you have little of the connotative imagery, more than the truth and far less than you think. You have trodden many roads, but there are many routes left to tread. you are all of this, some of this, and yet… not at all. you are Promethea.
When am I?
you are now. You have been then, and YOU will be still. But that was and is not you. You were, but you are. You have been, and you will be, too. In this, you stand in illustrious footprints, but great weight comes with such company. you weren’t then, You were since, and YOU have been again. But ‘you’… you are now.
Where am I?
you are here. You are there, You are Here, and YOU are everywhere. In my mind - YOU are there. In your mind, you are there also. you are here, You are watching yourself, and YOU are in the fabric of reality. You mingle with the whispers in the corners of our mind, twist and writhe and write and rite with all the Yous of yore. YOUR thoughts. You’re all here, YOU are anywhere - fact, fiction and YOU also seep into the bleed, the dreaming, and the spaces in between the borders.
How am I?
YOU are fine. you were chosen. you chose yourself, but You helped in that decision, too. The world put the word on the grapevine, the paths revealed themselves through You; to you, and you took them freely and of Your own free will. You have adapted, corrupted, absorbed, expunged and created. YOU have battled, You have saved, You have cried and you survived. You have drawn, painted, imagined, adapted, changed and described. you have written, been written, learned to write, learned by rote, become, guided and hindered. you have read, You have heard, you have decided and looked, and You have found. YOU created, You saved and You destroyed. You have loved, YOU have won, and you will lose. you have been shown, You watch - men and women alike, and from them you learn. you have understood and concluded. you have reasoned, realised and reacted. All this was YOU, You, and you yourself. you will go far, through all shades of rainbow, octarine, grey and white. you must meet Your elders, meet several of Your parents, learn Truths and lose all you hold dear. But you will hold true, for you were chosen.
How was I?
Very good. you were called, conjured and the torch passed down. You mastered and mustered, and that saved You, you and all YOUR friends and aspects. you are coping with having gone through Hell. Worse may be around the edges, in the blurred regions, in the Howling, or the blowing of the wind, but the answers are just over the page. This is not the crucial issue. Yet… YOUR test is yet to come. You must be prepared - and you will I am sure.
Will I know?
you will know. We already know, and so do YOU. You know that this must come to pass, you know this cannot pass by. YOU must pass on this gift, or you were not worthy of it. And you are worthy of it, for you are it, and it is YOU. you were chosen, You have chosen, and now you must fulfil YOUR destiny.
How can I?
Time will tell. And, when Time does, tell time that while YOU may have a destiny, You made Your own destiny, and so should you. Vigilance may save you. Nemo or everyone might mistake me for someone else, and misinform You, or you may make similar mistakes. Mauve can harm You - you could harm YOU. But mauve is the shade of signal that brings you back to Yourself. It proves someone can shape your own future - make it you. We shape all, You… well, we are a part of You, as YOU of us… it will be interesting and event-full to say the least.
Who are you?
I? I am YOU. I am You all - even you. We are Here, I am with you, in YOU, as You are, and have been in us. I am more than you could ever begin to know. This wrinkle in time will soon be ironed out, the colours of the world will mix and mingle into a picture that will last for living memory. In me, may all that’s elaborate reveal itself absolutely.